Law of Attraction for Wealth EP: 33

Law of Attraction for Wealth EP: 33

Law of Attraction for Wealth

How to Use the Law of Attraction for More Wealth In Your Life

Wealth means to have an abundance of something, and it is usually related to finances/money. But you can have wealth in any area of your life, from finances to love, and you can manifest more of it using the Law of Attraction. Using these simple yet effective tips, you can start seeing more wealth in your life in any area you choose!

Higher Consciousness

1. Let go of the feelings of lust.

Lust means that you want something, but you think or feel that you can’t ever have it. That means that, if you feel lust for more money, you won’t ever get it because you will only attract more feelings of want/need. Instead, change your thinking to being open to opportunities where you can obtain more wealth. Train both your conscious and subconscious mind to let go of old, negative thoughts and beliefs by using positive affirmations and thoughts. Feelings of lust will only turn wealth away from your door.

2. Be open to different means of wealth.

If you want a new kitchen appliance, you can get it in many ways, such as by saving up your own money for it, through a giveaway/contest, or through a friend or family member who wants to get you a gift. Don’t focus on one way to get what you want because you won’t see the other doors of opportunities that open up for you. The Universe will provide you with many ways to get what you want, so be sure to keep your mind open to all the possibilities. If you only focus on one way, then you will only receive disappointment.

3. Make clear, detailed goals only.

Leave no room for doubt or questions, and create clear, detailed goals. When you create these types of goals, the Universe knows exactly what you want and what to give you. It can even give you something better than what you asked for, but the more detailed you are, the more the Universe can give you. Think of the Universe as a shopping center where you can order whatever you want. When you send in your order, you want to be specific so that you get exactly what you ordered.

4. Show gratitude for the things you already have in life.

Gratitude is powerful in the Universe, and the more you appreciate something you have already, the more you will receive. When you take care of the things you already have and express your gratitude for them, you show the Universe that you care about what you have and that you love what you have. Love is another powerful energy in the Universe, so gratitude will help you love more of the things you already have in order to receive more of it.

The Universe has everything you can ever want, and it has everything in abundance. There is no such thing as too much or too little in the Universe. You can obtain more wealth in your life too by using these simple tips you can do daily.


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