Law of Expectation EP: 34

Law of Expectation EP: 34

Law of Expectation

Law of Expectation: What Is It and How To Use It

The Law of Expectation is based off the Law of Attraction, and it means that anything you expect to happen in your life, it will happen. This law also proves that you must first believe in what you expect in order to get it. When we expect something to happen, no matter if it’s negative or positive, it will happen. But if you only want to bring positive events into your life, then you can use the Law of Expectation to your advantage. Instead of expecting negativity, expect positivity instead. Need help with using the Law of Expectation? Here are a few simple tips on how to use it:

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1. Only expect the best.

Expecting the best may be very intimidating because you have fears that they will not be met and that you will fail. However, when you want to expect the best, but only expect failure, fear and disappointment, you will get that. Let go of wanting to expect the best, and let go of the expectation of failure, fear and disappointment. It may take some practice, but being persistent about expecting the best and thinking only of what you want, you will be able to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind and align your thoughts and feelings to the right energy frequency.

2. Don’t let others put down your expectations.

Other people may think your expectations are too high and that you won’t succeed, but don’t let the people in your life put you down. You choose the path you want to travel in your life, so you must stick with the decision that makes you the happiest. Don’t let others influence you because you can hinder yourself from getting what you want. Even if what you expect can be quite a feat, as long as you know you can succeed, you can overcome all obstacles and reach your goal.

3. Train your mind.

With countless data and information in your subconscious and conscious minds, you’re filled with all sorts of beliefs and ideas that may limit you and prevent you from getting what you want. There are several ways to train your mind to expect what you want, and those include:

Training your mind helps you reprogram your subconscious and conscious minds to be aligned with your desires. Remember that training your mind takes practice and time, so be patient and know that, eventually, your mind will adapt to the new thinking pattern that will benefit you instead of go against you.

Since the Law of Expectation is based off the Law of Attraction, there are similarities between the two. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so whatever you think about, you will attract. The Law of Expectation states that you get what you expect, and what you think and expect, you will get. Knowing these two laws will help you retrain and reprogram your mind along with helping you develop healthy, positive thinking habits for life.

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