Mastering The Law Of Attraction Ep: 21

Mastering The Law Of Attraction Ep: 21

Mastering the Law of Attraction with 4 simple tips.

Consequently The Law of Attraction may be a concept that is foreign to you at the moment. If you start with a few exercises you can experience a Great Change in your life. It’s not hard at all to create a new life style for yourself. One of the keys for using The Law of Attraction and being successful is Persistences. We have to break away from the negative programing that has happened over the years in our life. Breaking old habits can take a little bit of time to do for some of us. However stay focused and persistent, I promise you will be so glad you did.

Be consistent with theses 4 things and you will see a fast change in your life. You will create a  positive energy flow and a stronger vibration in your daily life if you will do these 4 things every day.

  1. Have a heart of Gratitude

Wake up each morning Thanking Source Energy (God) for all you have.

Express your Gratitude for the little things in your life.

This will amplify your Energy Level for the day.

     2. Remove the Energy Drains.

Figure out what is lowering your Energy both physical and spiritually.

Do more of what raises your energy level.

We want to raise our vibrations to the Frequency that the Universe is operating on. 

     3. Feel the emotions of already having your desires manifested.

Experience the excitement and the joy before you even have what you are dreaming of.

Visualization is a good way to create the emotions of having those things that have not     

          yet manifested.

     4. Find ways to experience more LOVE in upper life.

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe.

The more Love you put out the more Love you will receive.

Stop complaining and start Loving.

Like attracts Like.

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